In a recent survey, many Bramford residents told us they didn’t know who their local councillors are so here they all are:

Lester Powell, Chairman

Suffolk born, raised and educated, I moved to Bramford 18 years ago. Judy and I have four grown-up children who have participated in many village clubs over the year including Cubs, Brownies, Scouts, Guides, Explorers and dance lessons. I’m an animal lover and our pets are Luna the rabbit, Gambit the snake and Casper the dog. I enjoy the outdoors, camping, sailing, canoeing, hill walking, cycling and travel. I’m involved in making sure Bramford remains a vibrant friendly village.

Christine Ranson

I have lived very happily in Bramford since 1968 when I was married and have moved once within the village. My children attended the primary school. Music is my main interest and I have been teaching the piano in my home for many years. A great number of local children and adults have had lessons with me. I also trained the Bramford School Choir for several years and enjoyed putting on concerts in the school and church. I currently play the violin in two orchestras. I love the countryside that we are so lucky to have on our doorstep and find being the footpath warden works well for me as I enjoy walking in the local area.


I am married with two children who attend Bramford Primary and also attended Bramford Pre-School. I do voluntary work for a charity, as well as volunteering around the village such as collecting shopping, prescriptions, etc. I also run my own signage business. I am passionate about the village we live in and the place where my children will grow up, which is why I joined the parish council. I also set up a village Facebook group called The Bramford Village Hub which has bought a lot of our community together. I am an artist and photographer…when I get a chance!

Andrew Haigh, Vice-Chairman

Originally from London, we moved to the area over seven years ago seeking a village with both its own identity and a true sense of community. Bramford is now well and truly our home where we have established a fantastic network of friends. I firmly believe that in order to maintain a sense of community it must be supported from within, which is what first attracted me to the parish council. I work in financial services for a large corporation so keeping a work-life balance is a challenge, as it is for many, but the friendly, idyllic setting of Bramford and the surrounding countryside certainly helps recharge the batteries.

Mandy Brand

I’ve lived in the village since 1995 having moved to Suffolk from Staffordshire in 1981. I worked as a financial business manager for BT for 30 years before retiring a few years ago. I joined the parish council not long after moving to Bramford, with an interest in helping to maintain the character of the village.

I am also treasurer of Bramford Local History Group.

Caroline Wolton

I was born and raised in Bramford and live in the village with my son. My parents still live in Bramford too and we wouldn’t wish to live anywhere else. I have been a member of many village clubs throughout the years, including the Girl Guides and Scouts with whom I have continued to volunteer as a leader for 30-plus years, currently as a leader at Beaver Scouts. I am a paramedic and have had many community roles within the village over the years. I have been a governor at Bramford Primary School for the past nine years, am the chairperson for the Loraine Victory Hall, and also help to coordinate the annual village Fun Day.

Being a councillor is rewarding and interesting. I work alongside an amazing team of volunteers with the same passion to make Bramford the best it can be for its residents and visitors.

John Tunaley

Being a mixture of complex emotions, borrowed philosophies and single lines from numerous songs, it is pointless trying to explain who I am and what I stand for. I try not to have strongly held views and beliefs as I find they tend to be the fruits of a closed mind. All I can say is that I am at my happiest when down at the allotments or mowing the playing field grass and walking my terriers along the riverbank. It was whilst walking along our stretch of the riverside between the two bridges opposite Fraser Road some 40 years ago that I decided that Bramford would be a good place to live.

Sue and I had to settle for Papermill Lane, which I’ve always viewed as an annex to Bramford, but we are only a short distance to the Co-op across the water meadows. It has been a great joy to be able to reach the village once again using the footpath across Bushman’s Bridge now that the 70 untethered horses have been removed. It now only needs the old Fison’s site to be sorted and our contentment will be complete.

What makes me want to be a councillor? Well, I was asked and it might turn out I could be OK at it since my young grandchildren teach me how to be “kind to other people”. Three months in and I have learnt that there are good people on the council and 40 years of living here has shown me that there are a lot of good people in Bramford and a lot of good things worth fighting for. Well, anything is better than Gas Works Street, Leicester where Gary Lineker and I grew up.

Ian Dicker

I’ve lived in Bramford for the best part of 30 years and I love the village because we have the country on our doorstep but we are also so close to the town. Many of you will know me from my dog Worzel as he and I have walked the paths of the village most mornings for the last 16 years. I’m the parish tree warden and am passionate about Bramford’s trees, plants and animals. I helped start one new wood in 2020 and I really hope that that’s just a beginning as there is a lot of scope for new trees here. On my weekends in the summer (if I’m not working), I go away to refight the Civil War with my family and friends.

Simon Coulson

I have lived in Bramford for six years and have been a councillor for a few months now. I am married to Karen and we have been happily together for over 27 years. I am a supermarket manager which can be a busy role at times. I enjoy Bramford for the surrounding fields, my garden and the nature these bring. I have taken on the role of communications officer on the council and will do my best to help keep Bramford the special village it is.

John Gardiner

I have been on the council now for 22 years! I am involved with the running of the allotments and also on the committee for the playing fields.

Jane Every, Parish Clerk

Whilst I am not a resident of the village, I have always enjoyed a strong sense of community and connection to where I live, be it the village in Northumberland of 30 years, or Suffolk when I returned to where I grew up. I am now lucky to enjoy all that brings, particularly the coastal walks, my love of cycling and sailing when possible, and bringing my grandchildren here for summer breaks. I also have a one-year-old golden retriever to keep me busy. I hope Bramford village will welcome me and feel able to contact me should I be able to help with any enquiries you may have.

If there is anything you think we should be doing to support our village, please let us know. We are always pleased to talk about our work for the parish.

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