Sharing their love of books with their community on World Book Day, Woodbridge School Prep visit Woodbridge Library. To celebrate World Book Day this year, children from Year 2 at our Prep School have been sharing their love of reading with our local community and one another. 

Visiting charity shops in Woodbridge, children chose a book to buy and read as part of their guided reading lesson in School. They then wrote a note on a postcard explaining what they loved about that book, popping it inside before visiting the town’s library to donate to others who might like to enjoy it too. Supporting charity, showing kindness, and indulging their love of reading, children and the School’s assistance dog Bailey were rewarded with story time at the library and time to look at books. 

Speaking about the children visiting, Helen Scrivener, Manager at Woodbridge Library said, “The children from Year two at Woodbridge School Prep and their costumes really brightened our day! Their outfits were amazing and we thought the idea of leaving free books that the children had read and reviewed, was a lovely gift back to the community. It’s always a pleasure to see children enjoy our library and our books.” 

World Book Day is a worldwide celebration of authors, illustrators, books, and reading – hoping to change lives through a love of books and reading. The charity’s aim is to support more children, families, and schools around the world to develop and have a life-long habit of reading for pleasure, improving the chances and opportunities this brings now and for generations to come. The charity hopes to provide every child with a book of their own, which it facilitates through the donation of book tokens to children each year. Reading can also reduce stress levels, and so impacts children’s mental health in a positive way. For more information about World Book Day visit: World Book Day About Us.