Susie Keepin, who lives near Saxmundham, is proud to announce that she is the new owner of Woodbridge Emporium at 66 The Thoroughfare, Woodbridge.  She bought the business thanks to a friend who spotted the advert on social media, and messaged Susie  knowing that she was looking for her own independent bookshop. 

Susie said, 

“The bookshop felt right as soon as I visited, it’s a very special place.    I’m also pleased that I’ll be in a role where I can enjoy being a part of my local community and continue the great work done by Jules Button. Woodbridge Emporium is already known as such a friendly, welcoming and inclusive space for book lovers and I hope that will continue.

Speaking of her ambitions for Woodbridge Emporium, Susie added, 

“Woodbridge Emporium will first and foremost still be a fabulous independent bookshop. There will be more of the popular author events, and we are planning lots of interesting activities for primary aged children to enjoy after school and during the holidays.  I have a particular interest in children’s literacy and want to support children with dyslexia too, hopefully by working closely with Suffolk Dyslexia Association as our chosen charity.  Over the coming months more than a third of the floor space will be focussed on children’s books.

We’ll be expanding our selection of local books and greetings cards from Suffolk artists, and in time you are likely to see a few new faces among our team as we are hiring. But you will also see some friendly familiar faces.  It’s a busy and exciting time!

I will also continue to offer books by post and via our website for anyone who cannot get into the shop. Customers can continue to bring their dog into the shop too; look out for my own dog Stanley who will also visit.

I cannot wait to begin selling books and I hope that people will call in to say hello. I look forward to making lots of new book loving friends.”