Members have greatly enjoyed the club cruises. The Blackwater cruise is a perennial favourite, and twelve boats and crew had a fantastic time, with visits to Brightlingsea, Heybridge Basin, and Bradwell. It is not just the sailing which makes the cruises so enjoyable, but the onshore activities such as Klub, dinghy trips, nature walks, club meals, pub visits and even watching the Clacton airshow at anchor off shore, with a prime view.

The Walton Pond cruise is a real sociable event, with drinks, barbecues and a dinner at the Walton and Frinton Yacht Club. The ultimate cruise of the season was the Three Rivers, with visits to Titchmarsh, Shotley, Ipswich and Wolverstone. The end of cruise dinner at the Royal Harwich Yacht Club is a celebration of all cruises, and a fitting end to the cruising season, although sailing still continues throughout autumn on an informal basis.

When participating in a club cruise, all the marina bookings are organised for participants,  and it makes cruising a delight with no worries. Joining in club cruises is one of the main reasons for joining WCC.

As autumn approaches the onshore activities have more of a focus, and the Sunday talks start, with ‘Shipwrecks around East Anglia’, the first of a series of informative and amusing talks with a nautical theme.

The Monday afternoon get togethers, maintenance working parties and ball room dancing lessons are all part of the extensive winter social programme, as are the delicious Wednesday suppers,  the gastronomic feast of the laying up supper, and the Thursday walks which cumulate in a pub lunch.

The popular annual Boat Jumble is held on Sunday, 15 October, where bargains are to be had for all.

The club is pleased to welcome new members who have an interest in all things nautical; or a current or past owner of a motorboat or yacht. The club website: has full details.