Witnesham’s Recorder’s Report For February 2021

You will recall in last month’s In Touch I wrote about bringing the recorder’s role into the 21st century by bringing it online where everyone could propose an event or a happening to record for prosperity. Well low and behold, I was approached by Jean Ellinor of Tuddenham asking me if I would like to be admin for a Facebook page called the Witnesham Community.

This was remarkable in two ways, one the approach was before my article appeared in In Touch and secondly, I had no knowledge of this Facebook page. It was originally set up to keep residents updated on church affairs and has been going for almost two years. However, after discussing the matter with Jean it was obvious it could be used to keep all of us much more aware of all village activity and news on a day-to-day basis. Many other local villages already have this kind of arrangement. Articles should be short and to the point, reports on events are much more appropriate to be referred to In Touch.

Therefore, I am pleased to let you know that, as the village recorder for Witnesham, I am now available on the Witnesham Community Facebook Page. Please sign up and support the village.

Just before Christmas I presented the People’s Medal to Mark, our postman, on behalf of the whole village. It was obvious to me and, as it turns out, to lots of you that Mark has kept our spirits up with his positive, smiling and friendly demeanour during this woeful year. Well done Mark. There are several people who also deserve our thanks, including newspaper delivery services, milk delivery and the dustman all playing their part.

Richards have done their bit as well. It’s a win-win situation I know but the friendly, welcoming, smiling face of Sue as you enter the premises has gained all our support. Why go to a packed supermarket for your fruit and veg when you have such a service on your doorstep?

They have also increased their supplies, making all our lives a lot easier. They even supplied a welcome tipple and mince pie in the lead-up to Christmas as a thanks to all their customers, a nice touch but I think we should record a thanks to Sue and her team and I hope once this pandemic is over, we continue to support our local businesses.

The Barley Mow has had a difficult time due to forced closure but I think we appreciate the value of community now more than ever and hopefully it will prove a gathering point for many of us, as well as the churches and village hall in the years ahead.

As your Village Recorder I want to thank and record all the good work and support seen and appreciated during these times. Please let me know of some of the possible unseen and unknown activities so we can all appreciate the kindness of others. Wishing you all a safe and happy New Year.

Steve Henley, Village Recorder and Historian

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