Witnesham Recorder’s Report

We share the Witnesham Recorder’s Report.

The year began with the Covid-19 pandemic so as far as village events are concerned, there is little to report. For most of us, normal life in 2020 has been very restricted with just a number of Zoom meetings keeping the village ticking over. Let’s all hope for a return to normal or some kind of normality during 2021 as the vaccines kick in, masks begin to be uncovered and we can again say hello church, hello halls, hello pubs, hello fetes, hello gatherings. With Pastor Andrew and the Rev Charlotte Cook doing their best with the higher authority, I am sure we will all be back together soon and start enjoying our wonderful village and, who knows, maybe even a new play or musical to cheer us all up.

The funeral of Vicky Dowsett took place on 17 January 2020 in Grundisburgh.

• Speeding through Swilland near the school still a concern. • Sound/acoustics work completed in the village hall.
• Village hall still closed due to Covid-19.
• Gibraltar Crossroads is still a concern regarding safety.

• The lack of paving from the school heading north is also a cause for concern.

• It was agreed to obtain quotes for additional equipment at the recreation ground.

• During the November meeting, Mr Sharples and Mr Barlow were co-opted onto the council. Parts of Witnesham to be considered as Quiet Lanes.
• It was agreed that the proposed precept for the coming year should be £14,083.47.
• Poppy Collection: Cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions. On a personal note, this sadly ended a 42-year run by me on properties between Hill House and the Barley Mow.


Lauren Bosworth studying for a BA in Graphic Communications at Leeds. Harry Hogger studying for a Bsc. Apprenticeship Degree in Quantity Surveying at Chelmsford. Abigail Phillips studying for a Bsc. in Sociology at Bath. Katie Warne embarking on a Bsc in Business Psychology at Loughborough.

Witnesham Community

The Witnesham Community page will be the new home of the village recorder and will, hopefully, be well used once we move out of Covid-19 restrictions.

Mark, the local postman, was the recipient of the People’s Medal for his sterling work during the pandemic.

Richards, the local greengrocers, has seen demand for their produce grow during Covid-19 as people avoid supermarkets but they have shown a willingness to help and provide what people require and the choice is very good. It’s nice to hear good news out of this awful year.

Not so good for the pubs of course, but the Barley Mow has offered food for collection on Fridays and Saturdays.

Lots of thanks to all those companies that have struggled but done their best during these times including newspaper deliveries, milkmen, dustmen, other local pubs including the Moon and Mushroom and businesses such as Swiss and Grange Farms.

The Boxing Day walk was cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions. However, new footpath maps were delivered to every household in Witnesham as more and more people are enjoying the countryside whilst restrictions continue.

Barley Players

The group’s planned production of Cinderella (Girl from the East County) was put on hold due to Covid-19 with the hope it could be back on track during 2021.

Steve Henley

Witnesham Church

Fete: 20 June (cancelled) Christmas Craft Fair (cancelled)

New reverend named as Charlotte Cook. The licensing took place in early September attended by 30 people (maximum allowed), Pastor Andrew from the Baptist Church was one of the 30. A Covid-19 secure Remembrance Service took place on 8 November.

Village Hall

Pilates Monday (cancelled)
Carpet Bowls Tuesday evenings (cancelled) Pilates Thursday morning (cancelled)
Tai Chi for beginners Thursday 5.45pm (cancelled) Tai Chi for advanced from 7.30pm (cancelled) Pilates Friday 9.45pm (cancelled)

Baptist Church

Post Office on Tuesday afternoons (open with masks) Coffee, Conversation & Cake Wednesday (cancelled) Post Office on Thursday mornings (open with masks) Mums and Toddlers group (cancelled)

Village Voices first Thursday in the month (cancelled)

14 March: Invitation for the men of the village to meet for a bacon roll, coffee and chat (cancelled). Pastor Andrew provided a weekly message on YouTube.

Women’s Institute

Litter picking event due on 28 March (not sure if it took place). Covid-19 prevented any more meetings during 2020. Two new resolutions were posted. Two six-person committee meetings took place during October to enable members to catch up, which was very useful. The planting of an apple tree on the recreation ground was agreed.

Parish Council

• Ongoing attempts made to clear the road between Witnesham and Westerfield due to Scottish Power works.

• Various grass cutting areas still need attention including Acre Close.

Shotley and Erwarton WI

Are supermarket premium varieties really superior? Can you taste the difference? This is what we set out to find out at our December WI  


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