Witnesham Baptist Church

Are you getting fed up? Fed up with the ongoing restrictions even though vaccines are being given out and many have received one. Fed up because you’re not in the right group to be offered the vaccine. Fed up with the ongoing wrangling of American politics. Fed up with home schooling.

I guess many people all around the country are fed up with these things and it is frustrating when the end keeps being moving further away. I write this in early January when the promise of change by springtime has already moved to ‘after Easter’ and even autumn has been mentioned.

Alongside the fed-upness is the anxiety about employment and finances to make ends meet. Knowing that most of us are in the same boat and that our neighbours feel the same helps a bit. The opportunity to chat over the fence with neighbours and to see family on video calls helps a little too.

Knowing that the number of deaths from Covid-19 is over 80,000 and still increasing makes us think about our own mortality. I refuse to make what could appear as glib comments about this as a Christian Pastor. I remain physically and spiritually hopeful for the future and I’m always happy to chat with anyone about hope in Christ.

Knowing that I make this life journey with God and that He fully understands my anxieties and emotions helps me look beyond being fed up as I know the future will be brighter. Fed up or not, stop looking down or inward to what isn’t but up and outwards to what is!

Can you see positives around you? Maybe it is a renewed relationship with a family member or friend made possible via text, letter or Zoom. Maybe it’s speaking to your neighbour or getting help from an unexpected person or seeing the changing season out of your window. Compared to many people suffering around the world, we can be thankful that we live in (relative) peace and calm.

Maybe things will appear even brighter for us all next month. Until then, may you know and welcome God’s blessings (search YouTube for ‘The UK Blessing’).

Pastor Andrew
All services and other activities are on hold at the moment. In the conservatory, we have a FIND (Families in Need) collection box which can be used for donations when the post office is open. Non-perishable food is very welcome. Outside we have a Salvation Army clothes bank. All contributions are gratefully received. The post office is still available in our conservatory on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings. Please use this service to help keep it in the village.

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