What Links Goseford, A Local Abolitionist and Home-Start?

The answer lies in Woodbridge Society’s spring programme. The society hopes that 2021 will see us working and socialising together before too long.

With that in mind, we have planned a series of talks and summer visits of interest to the town.

The society’s planning group has continued to comment on planning applications throughout lockdown and tiering restrictions. Woodbridge is considered one of the finest small towns in England and the society aims not only to preserve but to enhance its many attractions. We have a recognised voice with the town and district councils and the larger our membership the louder that voice in local affairs.

On Wednesday 3 March, local retired judge Peter Wain will talk about the rise and fall of the medieval port of Goseford in the 1200s and 1300s.

Located at the mouth of the Deben, Goseford was a substantial trading and shipbuilding centre, supplying ships for the English navy. Join us online to hear about its rise and subsequent decline.

A month later, on Wednesday 14 April, David Keeling will speak about his ancestor John Clarkson who has a blue plaque in his name on Church Street.

Clarkson, born in 1764, joined the navy as a 13-year-old and saw the brutality of the slave trade. In 1791 he was engaged to ship freed slaves from Nova Scotia to Sierra Leone where he later became governor. Again, we plan for the talk to be online.

The final event in this series will be on Wednesday 5 May when we will hear about the work of Home-Start in Suffolk. This important local charity, with over 250 volunteers, provides support for families struggling to deal with difficult circumstances. During the past year, with all its hardships, the charity helped over 560 families.

The programme of summer visits will be advertised later in the spring. We assume that some or all of these talks will be delivered online. Access is, as usual, free to society members. Non-members are normally charged a small fee but, on this occasion, we are making the events free to all.

If you want to join any of the three talks, please email the society on info@woodbridgesociety.org.uk or check the website woodbridgesociety.org.uk. We look forward to seeing you.

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