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We have a May update from the lovely people at the Trinity Free Church

We have a May update from the lovely people at the Trinity Free Church:

Who are you listening to?

Some members of our church went to Word Alive this year. Normally, that means travelling to Prestatyn in North Wales and enjoying the often wet and windy weather! However, this year, like so many things, it ran on YouTube and we followed on Zoom from the warmth and comfort of our own homes.

The big takeaway was who we listen to and who we mute, Lady Wisdom or Madam Folly? These two ladies are presented in the wisdom literature of King Solomon who lived and reigned in the 900s BC. You can easily find this even today because it is faithfully preserved in The Book of Proverbs. We found the text to be surprisingly pertinent to life even today. Issues of family, finance, truth and lies and power in public office are all dealt with and the parallels to the news of the day were obvious.

If the first question relates to who we listen to, and we all listen to someone, the next questions must surely be whether we are happy with their influence on our lives. Are you even sure who they are and what they want for you, your neighbourhood, your nation and for nature?

Maybe now is the time to consider what voices you are listening to and to find a real source of wisdom. The Bible continues to be our greatest source of wisdom and in our morning services, we are reading The Book of Colossians and hearing preaching under the title, The Household in Christ. We will cover subjects like marriage, parenting, colleagues, contracts, slavery and service during May and you be very welcome to join us in person or on YouTube or Zoom.

Trinity is made up of people just like you who have found joy and hope in Jesus. At Easter we opened our doors again, still socially distanced, and started to welcome people back into the building. Perhaps you have been taking part from your favourite armchair! Well, why not join us?

We continue to pray for all in the communities of Tendring and Babergh and would love to pray for you (we have a prayer line – 07716 866007) and are happy to help.

We are involved with modern-day almsgiving via local Covid-19 help groups and other charities but can help you directly if you need us.

Pastor Gaius

01206 393745, 07732 115107

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