Trial the latest technology at your local hearing care specialists!

Are you looking for the perfect hearing device or an upgrade from your previous aids? The Hearing Care Centre, Colchester and County Hearing Care, Brentwood are excited to present a special event in partnership with Audibel to launch their exciting ARC AI range.

From Tuesday 12th April – Thursday 14th April 2022, the ARC AI range will be available in-store for you to try for free. Just book an event appointment now to discover how these new hearing devices can enable seamless integration of your TV, phone and music devices with your hearing aid effortlessly. We are looking forward to welcoming Guy Lovell, a highly experienced hearing aid expert from Audibel, to be part of this event, he will be on-hand to answer all your ARC AI-related questions! Better hearing just got effortless!

This is the perfect opportunity to trial Audibel’s new products with of the help of our friendly audiologists who can give you expert advice. 

  • Listen and compare technology with your current hearing aids
  • Receive a FREE hearing screening and consultation
  • Get 10% OFF Audibel ARC AI when you trade in your old pair during this special event 
  • Enjoy a 60-day money-back guarantee! 

Choose from a range of products, whether price is your priority or if dexterity has caused you issues in the past. Audibel’s new range has you covered. 

Hearing aids are constantly evolving, developing a wide range of ‘modes’ in different environments. For all the technology wizards out there, come and try out these new features: 

  • 2-way audio to stream your voice directly back to your iPhone and iPad, to experience hands-free communication 
  • Struggling with social distancing, masks and background noise? Edge mode will help you out! 
  • Track your body and engagement activity and detect when you fall
  • Geotagged memories to detect your location and alter the hearing experience to suit the environment
  • Personalised care to suit preferences in different hearing environments
  • Tinnitus relief to ease the constant ringing

The Arc AI offers realistic, genuine sound quality as well as a 40% reduction in noise vs. previous technology. As rechargeable devices one, overnight charge lasts all day long to enabling you to enjoy crisp, clear streaming of phone calls and music as well as integration with a comprehensive portfolio of wireless 2.4 GHz solutions. The Arc AI devices automatically make 55 million adjustments per hour ensuring an effortless, high-quality hearing for you.

This one-off event runs from Tuesday 12th April- Thursday 14th April 2022. Whether you’re local to Colchester or Brentwood, there’s a range of dates and times to pick from. Interested? To book your appointment at The Hearing Care Centre in Colchester, call 01206 760839. If you’re local to Brentwood, get in touch with the County Hearing team on 01277 264938. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity. We look forward to welcoming you! 

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