Treasure Trove of Homeware & Fashion Set To Open In Woodbridge

A Woodbridge shop is planning to take the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra to the next level by creating a shopping experience that embraces the old alongside the new.

The Attic and Wardrobe is set to open in the Thoroughfare soon, on the former site of clothing boutique Ninni Noo. But alongside a range of new goods, it will also feature pre-loved homeware which has been sourced locally alongside upcycled furniture and vintage clothing.

It’s owner Nicky Risby, who ran Ninni Noo until its closure December, said: “In the last few years I have noticed a big shift in customer behaviour – people’s shopping habits have dramatically changed. There is a general distain for mass-produced or throw-away fashion and more emphasis placed on quality.

On top of that, people look for the unique instead of the mass market – so the jumble sale idea of the past has been replaced with the idea that second-hand means distinctive clothing, period homeware and furniture with a story.

We have a lot of lovely new items in the store ready for the big opening but we want to introduce more recycled and re-purposed items as we grow. I feel like there is an opportunity in Woodbridge to create a shopping experience which makes people feel good about their purchases. So I see this as a treasure trove that could transform a person’s home or wardrobe.

Nicky, who has spent the last 16 years working in fashion, will include a section for a dress agency – a place where people can bring in garments and Nicky will sell them for a 50/50 cut.

On top of this, she has scoured auctions for a range of items for the store which include pieces of furniture she is in the process of lovingly upcycling.
“I’m really excited to see how the shop is received by customers who already know and love Woodbridge,” she said. “It’s a town that already attracts people who want something a little bit different to the mainstream and I think this will certainly tick that box.”

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