Friends Tasha and Tyrone, owners of the aptly named TnT fitness in Ipswich, are two professional gym enthusiasts who decided to team up together to provide a wide range of cost-effective fitness services and classes that adapt to everyone’s needs and lifestyles.

Launching in September 2020, TnT fitness now offers: 

  • 121 personal training
  • Online Coaching
  • Nutrition advice/ plans
  • Fitness Classes
  • Bootcamp class
  • Fitness videos- via social media platforms and YouTube

Everybody is feeling that New Year need to get fit and healthy, so why not try out Tasha and Tyrone’s online fitness classes so that you can still feel fantastic in lockdown or maybe their bootcamps that are held every Saturday morning at Inspire Suffolk after lockdown. 

Although a national lockdown such as this brings a lot of negatives, why not use this time to become the best you that you could be, Tasha and Tyrone seem to agree, explaining that TnT fitness will still be here for you during this trying time: 

TnT Fitness still wanted to try and give people their weekly fitness workout so we decided to run Zoom and Instagram live bootcamp fitness classes, this enables us to stay connected to our customers and bring in new customers. We have had great interaction going digital. Advertising our Instagram lives gained us more followers and likes from people around the world so this has been very exciting for TnT Fitness.” 

Tyrone and Tasha have big ideas for this new year, already creating their new website, YouTube channel and new merchandise for you to wear while you workout. 

Don’t worry about where your fitness level is, let’s all be honest previous lockdowns have meant the odd biscuit or glass of wine whilst sat on the sofa hasn’t gone amiss, because TnT fitness is designed to purposefully tailor to your fitness level, offering you the ability to gradually and safely build your strength and fitness through a wide range of exercise styles. 

Tasha and Tyrone believe that, now more than ever, people need a team and community to help people to get fit and healthy and they hope that their new programmes can do that for every body involved: 

“We refuse to lose. We keep each other motivated. We have the same goal and a vision. Synergy is there. In this short space of time we soon realised how in sync we are. This makes building a future for our business and us so easy and exciting. The only way is up. Our mindset is very similar, and we will not give up easily. We both have a clear vision and our very excited for what the future holds for TnT Fitness.”  

To attend a virtual TnT fitness session, simply turn your notifications on for their social media @tnt.fitn3ss and join when they go live or drop them an email at Classes start at £5 per person via Zoom so get your trainers and workout clothes on and lets get fit this new year!