Tide Mill’s Reopening Plan Features Four New Exhibitions

Kids in Museums Take Over Day, St Mary's Primary School

After a busy lockdown developing online learning, activities and a shop, the Tide Mill team has been busy planning to reopen the Mill on Monday 17 May. Unfortunately, visitors will be limited to five at a time, like last summer, and visits will need to be booked in advance via the Mill’s website: www.woodbridgetidemill.org.uk

Hopefully, this limit should end from Monday 21 June and visits will no longer have to be booked in advance.

There are four exciting new exhibitions planned at the Mill with dates to be announced. The first highlights the work of the craftsmen that built and maintained the Tide Mill. Then a Jean Gardner/1968 exhibit will celebrate Jean’s contribution to the saving of the Mill and puts it into temporal context.

The Bushels & Balances exhibit, a science, technology, engineering and math-centric exhibition with a social history background, will consist of the newly interpreted bushels, the French platform scales, the large Mill balance scales and the newly acquired chondrometer. 

The Staff of Life exhibit will highlight how flour is the raw material for the staple that is bread and explain how essential the supply of affordable and unadulterated flour was to every family, especially the poorer ones.

Dates for the other Mill’s planned events are:

850th + Anniversary Celebration: 25-17 June

Mid-Summer Craft Morning*: 4 August

Harvest Home Craft Morning*: 25 August

Friends Harvest Celebration: 28 August
Linked to the Jean Gardner exhibition

Friends Autumn at Home Evening at the Mill: 16 October

Thrill at the Mill Halloween Event: 30 October

Kids in Museums Take Over Day: 17 November

Festive Fun Craft Morning*: 28 December

*Our family craft mornings are set to return. This year our sessions will be themed around the topics of sustainability and renewal. The activities will align with our ethos and should provoke some thought.

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