Gateway 14 is a new development site on the outskirts of Stowmarket, close to Cedars Park. Owned solely by Mid Suffolk District Council, it was originally envisaged that this site would be home to a wide range of innovative businesses, providing a wide range of employment opportunities to local residents. However, due to the large investment made by the local authority (£37 million) and the desire for a speedy financial return, the full potential of this development may be undermined.

The Gateway 14 Residents Campaign Group was created by several concerned locals in response to potential issues surrounding this upcoming development. So far, it has been suggested that this site is to be used mainly as a logistics centre. If this is the case, issues such as noise and light pollution, traffic and anti-social behaviour could become daily realities for residents. Is this what we really want for the future of Stowmarket?

A potentially great opportunity for Stowmarket may be missed but it is not too late. With greater cooperation from Mid Suffolk District Council, this site could still become home to a broader variety of businesses and Stowmarket’s true potential could be reached. This campaign group is simply seeking assurances from Mid Suffolk District Council that this site remains both sympathetic to residents and in keeping with the area’s future investment and employment needs.

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This article runs in the February edition of the Stowmarket magazine which you can read in full by clicking on Magazines.