Symphony Strange and The Amazing Annabatya De Vole

In the creepiest area of Batcombe lives one family with a batty secret...

Twelve-year-old Symphony Strange has had enough. Enough of the ‘gruesome twosome’ Phyllida and Suzette’s mean ‘tricks’ because they don’t see her as being posh enough, enough of St Bartholomew’s School for Girls and, most of all, enough of having no friends.

With headteacher Mrs Grabbit and all the other pupils in the twosome’s menacing grip, Symphony can’t ever see things changing so she’s mega happy when she gets a new neighbour and best friend in the shape of Annabatya de Vole, who is also joining their year.

She may seem a bit odd and is batty about bats, but Symphony thinks Annabatya is amazing, and she totally is, at absolutely everything, which sends ‘the gruesome twosome’ into a meltdown. Promising trouble with a capital T, they threaten to snoop into

Annabatya’s father’s top-secret work.

Desperate to protect her new BFF, Symphony decides to play Phyllida and Suzette at their own game, but has she done more harm than good?

Suffolk-born Beverley Bowry loves dreaming up stories, especially ones that make people smile. She has a First-Class English and Media degree, a diploma in Creative Writing and has written around 80 humorous columns for her local newspaper. She is the author of two children’s novels; Charlie Palmer Says and Symphony Strange and the Amazing Annabatya de Vole.

Beverley says: “When I was young, I loved The Naughtiest Girl in the School by Enid Blyton. As soon as my eldest daughter was able to read, I pushed it into her hands. I was a bit concerned she might, by then, think it a little old-fashioned. She didn’t. That’s the moment the idea for a character called Annabatya sprang into my head. I’ve now discovered that back in 1916 Enid trained to be a teacher at Ipswich High School and my eldest daughter attended the same school in the 1990s.”

Symphony Strange and the Amazing Annabatya de Vole (£8.99) is available to order from all major booksellers and online from WHSmith, Waterstone’s and Amazon or through the publishers Matador/Troubador:

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