Stress-Free Ear Irrigation In Your Own Home

Debbie Jarvis of All-Ears.Info+ provides a mobile ear irrigation (ear wax removal) service, a popular option for clients who are unable or, in current circumstances, concerned about going to visit clinics, as she explains:

“My service, which is quite unique in this area, is especially helpful for the elderly or those who are frail or disabled, but with much still isolating or avoiding unnecessary contact with others as much as possible, I’m visiting a greater age range than ever and meeting many new clients.”

Debbie, a former nurse with 35 years’ experience, started out in Halstead when the GP Practice stopped providing an ear irrigation service. Of course, several practices have followed suit and it’s often difficult to secure an appointment within a reasonable distance from home.

“Having impacted ears is painful so the last thing a patient needs is the stress of finding help and having to travel, especially now with the added stress around Covid-19. My patients are always very grateful that I can come to them and tell me it makes the entire process much easier and quicker, which is wonderful to know.”

Debbie’s pricing scale is simple, even including a discount when she treats more than one person at the same address.

“As a former nurse, I understand how important it is to put my patients at ease and to provide a professional and safe service. Of course, I follow all the required Covid-19 guidelines to the letter and ask my patients to self-distance as much as possible. I do warn them in advance that I’ll be turning up in full PPE gear. It would be quite a shock otherwise!”

Much of Debbie’s new business comes through referrals, which reflects positively on the service she provides.

“It’s always great to be recommended and I do understand why patients are keen to find someone they can trust to provide this service, especially when I’m going into their homes. Many of my patients, especially those I visit semi-frequently, have become good friends and I really appreciate their support.”

So if you or someone who know, would like to know more about Debbie and the service she offers, give her a call on 07969 541201.

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