Stowmarket Superhero Litter Pick

From 9.30-10.30am on Saturday 26 September we are holding our community litter pick, but with a bit of twist – this year will be a ‘virtual’ event.

What is a virtual event?
A virtual event is simply an event that takes place at a certain time, but which does not require attendance at a specific place.

How does that work?
The town council will provide all equipment prior to the event, but each family or group can choose where they want to litter pick. This will allow them to choose a place where they feel safe and comfortable. It could be your street, your local park, a favourite area or somewhere you have seen that needs attention.

Why virtual?
We have taken a fresh look at our events to make them adhere to social distancing guidelines. At the time of planning this event, we were very much still in lockdown with the future looking uncertain. By organising a ‘virtual’ event, we drastically reduce the likelihood of cancellation while empowering people to make a difference even in these strange times.
What if other groups are litter picking the same area?
Give a wave, say hello and maintain social distance!

When is it?
Saturday 26 September, 9.30-10.30am at a place of your own choosing!

How will it work?
We have been working with our fabulous operations team to ensure we can enable as many people as possible to litter pick with us. We will provide all the necessary equipment, including litter pickers, bags and hi-vis (if required). We ask that you provide your own gloves.

  1. Register by visiting: or calling 01449 612060.
  2. We will send you a couple of safety briefings and forms for you to read, sign and send back.
  3. Organise a time to pop down and pick up your equipment.
  4. Choose your superhero costume (encouraged but not essential) and litter pick time!
  5. Dispose of the rubbish (information will be given to participants nearer the time).
  6. Upload your photos to our photo competition.
  7. Return your equipment.
  8. Claim superhero bragging rights!

Environmental Impact It’s an unfortunate fact that, even before the increase in disposable PPE and related litter, we had a litter problem. At a time when working for, not against, the environment is so critical, getting up and involved in any type of environmentally friendly work is an excellent way to help take care of our planet.

The choices we make now will have an impact for many generations, and that’s why we have designed this event to be completely family-friendly. Getting children and young people involved is the best way to help them grow up with an understanding about how to care for the planet.

Keep in touch with us…
Facebook: @stowmarketTC
Instagram: @stowmarkettowncouncil
Twitter: @stowmarketTC

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