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It was a cold and quiet start to the new year but that didn’t deter people
from dropping their crisp packets off at Red Gables on January 3. Word must be getting around as there were twice as many collected than in December!

Currently, drop-off sessions are only possible on the first Sunday of the month but we are looking into how we can accept crisp packets at other times. The dates of the next few sessions are February 7, March 7 and April 4 (Easter Sunday). There’s no need to rinse them but please keep them flat!
Thank you to everyone who is supporting this Terracycle scheme. Check out
their website and let us know if there are any other recycling schemes you
think Stowmarket should set up:

Thanks so much to everyone who has also supported the Red Gables tree
nursery project. Since asking for tree donations, Colin has received about 60
saplings of native trees. Any donations need to include the postcode of where they were growing or of the parent tree.

Another tree-related project that we’re keen to promote is a national
campaign called Save the Oaks. This was set up to save 750 000 oak saplings
from being destroyed because of delays to the government tree planting
scheme. A recent report about the project in The Independent (January 5)
reminds us that “levels of tree planting across England are still far below
the level needed to meet government targets and reduce the impact of the
climate crisis”. Visit the website for more information, to request trees or to
donate to the project:

A more local concern that was brought to our attention was the ‘Change
in Use’ application by the owners of the vegetarian Red Lion restaurant in
Great Bricett. With increasing awareness of how our diet is impacting climate change, it feels very short-sighted to be considering the closure of this well- supported business. If you’ve enjoyed meals there in the past please show them support by giving them a positive review online. We’re looking forward to visiting when we’re finally allowed to eat out again.

If one of your resolutions for 2021 is to reduce meat and dairy in your diet
you might like to join our new Facebook group, Stowmarket Plant Based
Recipe Swap Site. This group is great for getting ideas for plant-based dishes
or for asking for suggestions for dairy alternatives. We’ve also set up another Facebook group, Stowmarket 5R, which we hope will encourage people to think about the 5Rs and share their own tips to reduce, reuse, recycle, repair, and refuse.

One of our main resolutions for this year is to raise the profile of the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill. This is a Private Members’ Bill written by scientists, lawyers and activists that is being taken through Parliament by an alliance of MPs from seven different parties. Visit the website for more information about the CEE Bill and how you can support it:

Whatever your green New Year resolutions are for this year get in touch!
Email us at, join us on WhatsApp or find
us on Facebook.

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