Stowmarket Eco Future Group: Change and The Climate Emergency

The Stowmarket Eco Future Group informs us all on the Climate Emergency and how we can help.

I wish with all my heart that there was no need for an Eco Future Group and that the natural world was as safe as it used to be. I was taught that the Industrial Revolution was a good thing, and there is no doubt that my life has been easier, more comfortable and more interesting because of human discovery and invention. However, we now know that the industrial/ commerce-led world we have created has enormous consequences for the future of our planet and we need to act quickly!

A piece of research called the Kubler-Ross Change Curve describes the feelings that people experience when any difficult and unwanted changes are forced on them.

First, there is shock. It is truly horrible to discover that our beautiful planet is in trouble and that future generations will not be able to enjoy the things that we have taken for granted. Our natural reaction is to want to deny that it is happening (especially when we are already dealing with Covid-19 changes). Next, there is anger. Lots of people have reason to feel angry.

Children and young people wonder why many adults are not taking climate change seriously. It is generally true that the bigger your house, car, travel budget, etc. – the more carbon damage you cause. People who have these things feel resentful that their lifestyle is under threat, and those who don’t, feel angry that their lives have been affected by the actions of others. This applies on a local, national and international level. It’s a complex problem.

All of these stages happen as we take on board what is happening to the earth, what it means for us, our children and grandchildren, and the scale of the changes that need to happen urgently. This can easily lead to depression, sometimes called Climate Anxiety, and is the lowest point when making a change. Much more work is happening around supporting and encouraging people through this and helping them to start to take positive action. This stage is exploring and discovering information.

Now, in early Summer 2021, there is still time to reverse the worst effects of climate change. The current estimate is that we have about 11 years to change, by which time the world must be living very differently. There are lots of ways that new technology, ways of living, working, eating, travelling, shopping, farming and gardening can protect our planet and these are the changes we must all make to function in a changed way.

Solutions need to be local, national and global – acceptance and change are needed at every level. It will not be easy but we cannot afford to stay as we are. If a young person asks, “Why didn’t you do anything once you knew what was happening?”, we must be able to answer.

Stella Davis, Onehouse for Stowmarket Eco Future Group

If you’re ready to make some changes, even small ones, try these:

  • Swap one of your car journeys for a walk, a cycle or a bus
  • Try a vegetarian or vegan alternative for one of your usual meals
  • Try a new refill product from one of our local refillers Stowmarket Eco Future Group is committed to working locally to help change happen.

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