Stitchworks Celebrates Third Year At Gobbitt’s Yard

Stitchworks has just celebrated its third year in Gobbitts Yard, Woodbridge and are looking forward to many more!

If you have purchased a new garment and would like to perfect the fit in any way, please pop by for a fitting. If you have an old favourite garment that needs updating (or letting out as seems to be the case a lot these days!) pop by and speak with Karen for consultation. The team also does mending and repairing where possible and embrace the challenge of keeping your beloved garments going for longer.

You can also buy and sell quality used clothing at Stitchworks. They have a small but carefully curated selection of pre-loved clothing for sale with a preference for natural fibres. If you find something that you love on our rail and it doesn’t fit, that’s ok; the team can alter it for you!

Karen is passionate about passing on the art and tradition of sewing to the next generation and offers sewing classes to kids ages nine and up. At the moment, these classes are on hold due to Covid-19 but hopefully will start up again sometime during the summer of 2021.

If you have a creative kid in your life who might be interested in sewing classes, have a look at the website and sign up for the newsletter to find out when classes begin again.

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