Slimming World as a company has been operating for over 50 years providing support. The founder Margaret Miles- Bramwell was passionate about ending the misery created by being overweight. By offering an eating plan called Food Optimising which is the most generous flexible and effective way of losing weight you’ll ever experience and its sustainable and not a quick fix its a change to a healthier lifestyle. It is backed by a team of nutritionists and is constantly kept up to date with the latest scientific research so it is safe for all.

I became a consultant three years ago and was delighted to hear that Slimming World wanted to open a group on the Peninsula in Holbrook, the village I had recently moved to having just re-married. There have been a number of changes since I first welcomed 73 members through the door on night one, I was expecting 25 people and consequently had to split the group in two to accommodate everyone. Since then I have been privileged to have supported hundreds of members with their weight loss.

The arrival of 2020 has been challenging for so many of us, turning our lives upside down and disrupting our routines with so many feeling anxious about the health of our loved ones; in spite of this many members have chosen to commit to their weight loss and increase their levels of fitness as a way of supporting their physical and mental well being.

Slimming World offers a full service for 52 weeks of the year and for that reason Slimming World stepped up and quickly trained all its staff to use zoom and went virtual during the first lockdown. This has meant I have been able to offer the same support with the magic that only a Slimming World group provides including IMAGE therapy (Individual motivation and group experience). Slimming World also provides free use of ‘Lifelines on Line’, the Slimming World App and the new scanner giving additional on line support with amazing inspiring recipes, ability to plan and check syn values of foods to all weighing in members.

We returned to group but not the same venue as the Sports Centre was closed to outside groups luckily we were re-homed at Freston Village Hall hence our change in name to ‘Freston Slimming World’. Government guidelines were adhered to and Slimming World supported their Consultant franchisees with free Sneeze screens, distance floor markers, and relevant safety signs. The risk assessment provided was considered one of the best in the U.K. Members have been sensible safe distancing and wearing masks and I am happy to say during the time we were visiting group there were no reported cases connected with group. Since then we have returned to virtual groups.

With the help of our lovely supportive inspiring groups members are getting fantastic weight loss results with members getting to Target. Members are often surprised when they first join to hear you can still eat the foods you love pasta, potatoes, steak and no food is banned! That is why I love the Food Optimising Plan and how I lost 2 stone myself because the plan is so simple and generous ;I didn’t need to do a restrictive diet and feel hungry.

During this second lock down members have achieved amazing weight losses, including Rebecca who in spite of an initial struggle with trying to cope with a change of routine has lost an amazing 5 and a half stone and is well on her way to Target.

The Freston Group meet virtually on Thursday evenings, and the Brantham Group meet Tuesday mornings. If you would like to know more about my groups please contact Anne-Marie on 07985 221053, you can visit our facebook page ‘Freston and Brantham Slimming World’, or email