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We have an update from the adorable Kenny the Chihuahua from Sesaw.

My old tummy trouble flared up last month, so Ollie stepped in to write our news. He also provided the best laugh

I’ve had in ages when Mum caught him trying to converse with a toy parrot! Seeing the superior ‘cat who walks by himself’ failing to get a response from a stuffed toy cheered me up no end! Next time he mocks my canine intelligence I’ll call him Pretty Ollie!

The demand for pets increased dramatically over the last year and theft is rife. Dogs have been taken, not only from owners and walkers whilst outdoors but from kennels and gardens in broad daylight. Please be vigilant at all times to keep your beloved companions safe and avoid the heartbreak of a missing pet.

We have a few dogs for rehoming including Tasmin and Tarla, lively five and six-year-old staffies, homeless through no fault of their own. They are spayed, microchipped, vaccinated and ready for lots of walks and cuddles in a loving home.

Tasmin and Tarla

We are not holding any fundraising events this year but our trusty volunteers will attend sales and markets arranged by various organisations or sell things locally, online and at their garden gates. Speaking of which, it’s time for me to accompany Mum on her evening rounds, then it’s a cosy bed by the fire for me.

Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua

Suffolk & Essex small Animal Welfare, stoke road, Leavenheath co6 4PP 01787 210888 /

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