Sam Baxter is looking to give your walls a fresh look in the new year and hopes to bring your home a bit of life and colour during this awful year. 

Sam decided to start her painting and decorating business five years ago, after needing a career change. She attended an open day at a college, ultimately deciding to take a decorating course and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Ever since, Sam, alone, has been giving houses in the local area a lick of fresh paint in a wide arrange of colours that are sure to bring a smile to any and every home owners face. 

Sam Baxter Painter and Decorator is based in Elmswell and covers all aspects of interior and exterior painting and decorating, though wallpaper is, unfortunately, not on the cards. Despite that Sam offers an extensive range of work, including painting windows and render all at an affordable price with a professional and reliable service. 

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An example of Sam’s amazing work.

As with everyone, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has affected Sam’s business, with her receiving less work with the lockdown restrictions. 

Sam said: “With Covid, no one knows what the future holds, I am hopeful things will return to normal at some point next year. As for the decorating business, I just pray it will survive as decorating is a luxury for most people and I think we all need a bit of luxury given everything that’s happened.” 

Covid has also meant that Sam has had to change the way that she works, respecting the social distancing rules. 

Sam explained: “Ideally, I work in rooms on my own, which is generally the case, and when we are in communal areas I will wear a mask if customers would prefer. My aim is to always keep my customers safe and respect their wishes.” 

For now, as a single mother, Sam is only looking to provide for her daughter and herself, with her trusty paintbrush in hand, her colourful apron on and a smile on her face. 

It seems we’re not the only ones that love Sam’s work, Angie Shaw commenting: “Pretty. You are so clever!” and The Apple Store Holiday Cottage said: “She decorates our holiday cottage, our home and other rentals. Always flexible, good at reminding me to get the paint in and always discusses any problems she encounters. Ill always recommend her. Thank you Sam!” 

If you’re looking to give your home some love and to look for a bit of inspiration, be sure to give Sam a like on Facebook at ‘Sam Baxter Decorator and Painter’ and see all of the amazing work she does.