Safer Neighbourhood Team

July 2020! I’m not really sure where the time has gone. It’s difficult to know which week or month we are in at times. Still very uncertain times and I hope you are all keeping safe and well.

The team from Hadleigh have been very busy as the crime rate is just as high during lockdown as it was before. There has been a series of arsons in Hadleigh and the team worked hard to try and locate the suspects. Following some extra patrols in and around the area there have been no more reported.

Suffolk Police have allocated an award for the officer of the month and this month it went to Hadleigh Officer Niall Johnson for his dedicated hard work.

We have a team of officers at Hadleigh working seven days a week. Although the police station is closed, there is still a police phone at the front.

Please remember to call 101 or report online should you wish to report something non-urgent and 999 for urgent matters.

Remember too to check our Twitter and Facebook accounts where you’ll find local information as well as useful tips on crime prevention.

Community Engagement Officer PC 287 Sarah George

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