Royal Hospital School Begins Remote Lessons Around The Globe

Starting from this morning, 108 Royal Hospital School (RHS) teachers will teach 750 pupils in 138 countries 28 subjects over 26 periods this week via its remote learning capability. Although the school doors officially closed last Friday, pupils’ education will continue uninterrupted for as long as is needed.

RHS is recognised as one of the top EdTech 50 schools across the UK, is an Apple Training Centre and pupils have been using their own iPads provided by the school to access resources in lessons for the past five years. Using Microsoft Teams, teachers will be able to provide the normal daily timetable of lessons, bar PE and games.

Pupils will be able to see their teacher on their iPad and interact either via audio or through messaging whilst lessons will also be recorded for those children in different times zones to access. RHS has spent the last two weeks training all its teachers on Microsoft Teams and they will be able to continue lessons from their classrooms or from their homes.

Commenting on the remote learning programme, RHS Headmaster, Simon Lockyer, said: “The Royal Hospital School has been developing its technology support structures for the past five years and has an enviable IT reputation. Throughout the physical closure, we plan to support our pupils and the wider school community through an online programme including lessons and other opportunities to develop a range of skills”

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