Rotary Club Of Woodbridge Deben

I can’t believe how the time flies along, Even with the limited release of lockdown, things are still far from normal and our usual summer activities, such as supporting local fetes, seem like a long-ago memory. However, we will be back in 2021 supporting all our usual community events.

Our current work is reviewing current charitable requests and setting ourselves up for post-lockdown. Our Santa’s sleigh is having a much-needed mechanical overhaul, followed by new livery. The licenses have been granted and we are just reviewing how to effectively manage the routes so that as many children and, of course, parents and grandparents can see Father Christmas as possible.

We are continuing to meet fortnightly on Zoom and it has given us a chance to try and look at things slightly differently. I am currently preparing for our next meeting which will be a lockdown photo competition, but we are arranging speakers from literally all over the country under the ‘new normal’.

Our next open meeting on September 7 will focus on Kids Day Out; if you would like to join us please contact us as below.

We still hope to stage our annual charity quiz on November 9, although this could well be deferred until after Christmas. We will just wait and see what the situation is in September.

Rotary is an international group and though we all appreciate the need to work within our local communities, we do put some of our energy into helping at grassroots level abroad. One of our most successful endeavors is Lend with Care. In 2014 we put in £1,550 as seed corn funding, then subsequently lent the money out on some very small projects in far off lands. For example, lending enough for the purchase of a sewing machine, the money being paid back monthly from the earnings generated and within a short time all the money is returned and we can lend it to another project.

To date we have made 140 loans, helped 761 entrepreneurs and created 383 jobs which have supported 2,461 family members. In that period, we have only written off just over £120 due to a very few bad debts and exchange rates, but still have more than £600 to lend out and we’re getting monthly repayments on the money lent out.

Deben is effectively two clubs working closely together, the main club and the satellite club. We work in and around Kesgrave, Martlesham, Melton and Woodbridge. If you are interested in knowing more about us or joining some of our Zoom meetings, you are more than welcome. Just contact us through our website,

Rtn Richard Boother, President

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