Review: Firedance

by Sue Tunaley

Ipswich Regent

What an unexpected treat to have a last minute opportunity  to see the fabulous, fiery, Firedance at Ipswich Regent as part of their  Reignite 2023 tour, featuring the sensational strictly stars Gorka Marquez and Karen Hauer together with their scintillating cast.

The show opened in spectacular fashion and kept the packed house at the Regent captivated with a dynamic dance ensemble, mesmerising fire specialists and incredible live Latin musicians.

It was really was a festival of fire, with actual fire, ballet and a variety of dance styles with seductive choreography and passion that took your breath away.  The music was a wonderful mix of traditional Latin, modern and contemporary.  To the delight of the more mature in the audience, some oldies were also included; Paint it Black by the Stones which accompanied a very powerful performance before bringing the tempo down with California Dreaming sung beautifully by Paige Brooklyn Cook.

Gorka of course did not disappoint and did some clever capology during a dazzling, Paso Doble.   Karen is such a beautiful dancer and when she and Gorka danced together, it was hard to take your eyes off them.  

But we must pay tribute to the other dancers who were all magnificent.  Lex Milczarek did a wonderful section within a giant hoop and he and Teta-Maria Stone did some impressive sessions with fire.

A lot of dance shows take in the artists talking to the audience so my expectation was that Karen and Gorka would do the same but this performance is purely all about the dancing. They chose not to dilute the performance with chat, but dazzled the crowds from the moment the curtain went up to the moment it fell – truly stunning.

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