Retrace Your Steps

Have you ever lost your keys, wallet or mobile phone? Perhaps you have lost something more valuable and precious? I recall my first outing in my first car to Clitheroe, Lancashire. Having spent some time looking around, my friend and I headed back to the car only we could not remember where we had parked. This was well before the modern technology on phones that tells you where your car is parked.

Whenever looking for lost things you may hear questions like, “Where did you last have it?” or “Have you checked all your pockets?”. Perhaps in frustration you go through all the places you can think of and even places where you know it can’t possibly be. “Retrace your steps” is the next suggestion and so you begin your search again and with great joy and/or relief you find whatever it was that was lost.

In his account of Jesus, Luke records that it was the same for Mary and Joseph when they realised Jesus, aged twelve, was not with them. Having set off to walk home they were unaware that Jesus had stayed behind in Jerusalem. They had travelled for a day before realising He wasn’t with them. They looked for Him among their relatives and friends before retracing their steps and going back to Jerusalem.

After three days, they finally found Him at the temple listening and asking questions. Everyone who heard Him was amazed at His understanding and questions. Mary and Joseph told Jesus they had been anxiously searching for Him but Jesus made known to them He was in the temple about His Father’s business. This revealed that Jesus knew that Joseph was His Father but that He was God’s Son, though Mary and Joseph did not understand what He was saying to them.

In recent times, I have come across a good number of people who have told me they once used to go to Fellowship of Youth (FOY) at the church. Before the pandemic and the restrictions, I had thought about arranging a get-together for those who would like to meet up again. Until we can, would you begin the search for Jesus, retrace your steps to when you last heard about until you find Him?

If you used to attend FOY, it would be great to hear from you and what you remember of those times. If you would like a free copy of Luke’s account of Jesus for yourself, please get in touch and we will get a copy to you.

We are not meeting at the church right now but if you would like to join us on a Sunday morning via Zoom, please contact me to make it happen,

Pastor Michael

For more information contact Michael:

01473 839785 /

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