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Sam Cork and I are two of the tens of thousands of students preparing to head off to university so, sadly, this will be the last PWCG article either of us will write. There is, however, little to report again this month as the volunteers continue to be ‘tools down’ due to Coronavirus restrictions, so we take the opportunity to look back at our time with the group.

Our involvement with the group began in the mid-2000s, attending Nature Watch Club at the age of five, learning about the woods and its inhabitants. As we grew up and gained confidence, we were able to start making a more tangible impact as members of the Nature Explorers and joining in with the main volunteering work mornings. For the past three and a half years we have served on the committee, representing young people’s interests and sharing the role of publicity officer.

Thankfully for us, the woods were not removed in 1999 for the Park & Ride. We have very much enjoyed our years with the group and learning about nature and the environment. Perhaps as we leave the group you might consider (when COVID-19 allows) coming along and taking just a few hours out of your month so that Portal Woodlands continues to be a place to learn about wildlife and to delight in being outdoors for the children of the future.

Dates for the Diary
Unfortunately, all upcoming events have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus. However, if you would like to sign up or get in touch, we are always pleased to welcome new faces.

New volunteers of all ages and abilities are always welcome. No experience needed. For further information, please contact us at pwcg.martlesham@gmail.com / 01473 612632, visit our website www.pwcg.onesuffolk.net or join our members’ Facebook group by messaging Duncan Sweeting.

George Pennick (pictured with Sam Cork in their younger days)

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