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Not much to report this month, so I have written about butterflies to inspire you to look out for and enjoy them at this time of the year.

Butterflies can be found all over the world, excluding Antarctica, and there are close to 19,000 different species. They are known for their beautiful colours and unique patterns in many different shapes and sizes. Varieties seen in Portal Woodlands include comma (orange/brown wings with jagged edges and a white comma on its underwing), gatekeeper (wings have a brown border and orange centre with eyespots – black circles – containing two white ‘pupils’), ringlet (greyish brown wings with a white edge also have eyespots, each inside a brown ring), speckled wood (dark brown wings with cream-coloured spots) and peacock, identifiable by their colourful red wings with blue ‘eyes’ (similar to an actual peacock).

The average lifespan for a butterfly in its adult form is between two weeks and a month, although there are extremes of one day and almost a year! For a caterpillar, the average is one-three weeks and one-three weeks again for the length of time a butterfly stays in its chrysalis form.

If you are visiting our woods and spot any butterflies or interesting wildlife then please do let us know.

Dates for the Diary
All upcoming events have been cancelled due to the coronavirus. However, if you would like to sign up or get in touch we are always pleased to welcome new faces.

New volunteers of all ages and abilities are always welcome. No experience needed. For further information, please contact us at pwcg.martlesham@gmail.com / 01473 612632, visit our website www.pwcg.onesuffolk.net or join our members’ Facebook Group by messaging Duncan Sweeting.

Nature Explorer and Young Volunteer, Sam Cork.

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