New Pop-up Shop In Stowmarket

A new mother daughter business has just been set up in Stowmarket, Suffolk. An online shop and local pop-ups selling planet-friendly children’s toys that aim to inspire open-ended, creative and curious play in children. As a mother and granny of two young children, they started the business as they found it hard to get hold of products, resources, and toys they wanted for their children. The market seemed to be saturated with brightly coloured, almost single-use plastic toys, They wanted to provide a shop which got back to proper play – lots of wooden items, simple long-lasting loveliness, and toys which could be used in a million different ways. Take a wooden block for example, a baby will use it to start exploring weight, shape, and how it moves, a toddler may stack the wooden block and watch how it falls over, a primary school child may use the block as part of a construction game, maybe as a way to hold up a bridge or a podium and a high school child may decorate the block as an art project. By providing products which have no fixed use they reduce waste and allow a child’s creativity to flow and continue throughout childhood. 

‘Our company ethos is to curate handmade children’s resources and toys from suppliers that are kind to the environment, people and resources. Little Ones supplies planet-friendly resources and toys from ethically-minded producers. Our products help stimulate the imagination of toddlers and older children alike (or anyone who enjoys creative playtime!) The beauty of the products we stock is that they facilitate learning through play, the best way to learn.

We have just launched our new website ( and are keen to spread the word hoping to share the power of play to as many people as possible”

They are also doing pop ups at a number of Christmas events over the coming months. 

For more information please do not hesitate to contact Emily Clarke on either this email or call on 07963377007.

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