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A Thought for The Month
Imagine a very rich man who went to a penniless man and said, “I will supply you with everything you need for the rest of your life – food, clothes, shelter – and I won’t charge you a thing.”

Suppose the penniless man simply ignored the rich man, treating him as though he wasn’t there. How ungrateful that would be, but also, how harmful to the poor man’s own interests.

Now imagine the rich man went to another penniless man with the same offer. This poor man turned on the rich man and attacked him violently, leaving him severely injured. That, too, would be against the poor man’s interests, but much more than ungrateful!

What the two penniless men had in common was their own loss. The first poor man wasn’t violently hostile to the rich man, but he was still just as poor as he had always been.

Do you see the point of this story?

You may not be hostile to God. You may not attack him with words. But even so, if you ignore him and refuse to accept what he offers you, you are the loser – and it won’t just be for your lifetime.

Peter Kinley


Sunday Services: 10.30am and 6.30pm
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Ladies Together: Wednesday 5, 10.30am
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Coffee Plus Online: Friday 21, 10.30am
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Children’s Corner
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