Make 2024 the year you help support the community who need to use our wonderful NHS

Who are My WiSH?

A new year always seems like a good opportunity for us to just explain, to those who don’t know, who My WiSH Charity are, and what we do. We are your local NHS charity, supporting the West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust. This includes West Suffolk Hospital and Newmarket Hospital as well as the community services provided in both health centres and people’s homes across Suffolk. We don’t provide the things the NHS provides but the enhancements, the cherry on the top of the cake to enhance the care of patients and also to support the amazing NHS staff who care for us all.  This includes all ages and aspects of health care from the emergency department to the eye treatment unit, the cancer unit to the neonatal unit. 

Activity co-ordinator to enhance care 

Ward G4 mainly focuses on our elderly patients with many experiencing confusion and delirium during their stay. These patients need extra attention and some stimulation while in hospital and that’s our aim for 2024. We are currently fundraising for an Activity Co-ordinator for the ward. This role will enhance the patient experience by providing a staff member who is employed to specifically interact with patients to help engage them, lift their mood, and help avoid isolation, loneliness and lack of social interaction. This may seem crazy when the hospital ward is so busy, but the nursing staff are so busy with their patient care that being able to sit with the patient and play a game is just impossible. Our activity co-ordinator will also be on hand to encourage social mealtimes and to interact with family and carers. We think this is a fantastic addition to the ward which will make such a difference to patients, their loved ones and to the staff who we know will benefit from seeing their patients enjoying themselves with this new staff member. 

Dates for your diary

Skydive – Saturday, 15 June

A skydive is on many people’s bucket list so make 2024 the year you tick this amazing challenge off. You can raise money for the area you are passionate about or help us support the whole Trust. 

My WISH Charity Soapbox Challenge – Saturday, 31 August

Have you ever watched our annual soapbox challenge and wanted to take part? Now’s the time as we open up the team slots for 2024. It’s £100 to enter a team and it’s the craziest day you will have all year! 

Plus we will be launching a new event in early 2024 so do follow us on social media so you don’t miss a chance to have lots of fun while supporting your local hospital charity. 

To find out more about all of these events please head to our website events page at: or email: