Melton Parish Council

A Note from Chairman Alan Porter:

Sizewell C (SZC)
The Examining Authority’s (ExA) Preliminary Meeting for its “examination in public” of EDF’s planning application for SZC is scheduled for 23 March 2021.

A second preliminary meeting, if required, is scheduled for 14 April. The purpose of the preliminary meeting is to enable views to be put to the ExA about the way in which the application is to be examined. The meeting is not an opportunity for interested parties to put forward their views about what they like or do not like about the application.

The merits or concerns about the application will only be considered once the examination starts, which is after the preliminary meeting has closed. The ExA is under a duty to complete the examination of the application by the end of the period of six months beginning with the day after the close of the preliminary meeting (Thursday 14 October 2021).

A recommendation by the ExA to the Secretary of State will be issued within three months of the examination closing. The Secretary of State then has a further three months to issue a decision on the proposal. Up-to-date information about the project and the examination can be obtained from the project page on the National Infrastructure Planning website from which copies of all examination documents can be accessed by the public:[1]c-project/?ipcsection=overview

Parish Council Website
We will be updating the website in the next few months. The new layout
will improve accessibility and functionality. Hopefully, it will be easy to
navigate and find the information you need.

Support for Local Food Project
The Finance Committee (FERM) agreed financial support up to
maximum of £350 towards the costs of printing leaflets for distribution
in Melton.

Signage for divested parcels of land

FERM agreed to:
• Place signs on the more significant areas of land only, e.g. the woodland adjacent to Burkes Wood, Hall Farm Road, etc.
• Ask the Council’s arboriculturalist for advice as to where signs might most usefully be placed
• Put a map of all the council’s landholdings on the website

Speed Indicator Device (SID)
The SID is currently located on Woods Lane and is working well. From personal observation, it does encourage drivers to obey the 30mph speed limit on that road. However, due to traffic volumes, we have decided to purchase a second SID with a solar panel which will be sited at Woods Lane and the existing one will be used for the other five sites we have in Melton.

Tennis Court Fencing
The tennis court fencing was replaced at the end of March. As a result, we had to temporarily close the car park from the 23 to 30 March. We have been wanting to do this for a long time as it has become quite tatty and numerous holes have been cut in it by various nefarious individuals. The new fencing is much tougher and will look great. The tennis courts have been very popular over the last year and it’s great to reinvest in this well-used facility.

Burness Parish Rooms
Thanks to Colin Birkbeck, the Burness Parish Rooms have been made Covid-19 compliant with the necessary hand sanitisers and a one-way system in place for entering and leaving. A new boiler was also installed so we can now look forward to greeting customers when the rules allowed.

Playing Field Car Park
The car park is well used but has needed resurfacing for many years. We
are taking the opportunity to square off the corners to get a few extra
spaces without losing play space. There will be a designated disabled
parking space and the spaces will be properly marked out. We are hoping
the work can start soon.

The Old Oak Tree

Our tree warden, Martin Wilks, and his band of volunteers were at the playing field in Burkes Wood recently. They placed a protective ring around the old oak tree at the entrance to the woods (from the playing field). I think it looks very good and makes the tree look even grander. We’ve had good feedback already.

Community Events
We have two dates for your diary. Firstly, Monday 5 July is NHS Thank You Day and various events are planned in Melton. Watch this space for more details.

We also plan to hold Melton Village Fete on Saturday 4 June 2022, coinciding with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend, so save the date.

Annual Parish Meeting
This is usually a lovely event where I give a summary of the year and plans are revealed. We normally have some guest speakers and a few refreshments. Of course, this year it will be a Zoom meeting, but it will still go ahead on Wednesday 28 April. The winner of the annual Melton Award will be announced. Spoiler alert – this year there is more than one winner!

Land Divestment
After months of patiently waiting for the legalities to progress, I am pleased to say that the land divestment has been completed for all 21 pieces of land from East Suffolk Council. The fact that one piece of land was actually on the land registry as ‘two’, complicated matters further.

To ensure that we know what we have to manage, we have had a tree survey done for all of the land we now own, including existing assets. We will be producing a schedule of maintenance to ensure public safety and the health of the trees.

Shotley and Erwarton WI

Are supermarket premium varieties really superior? Can you taste the difference? This is what we set out to find out at our December WI  


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