Martlesham Pre-School

Firstly, Martlesham Pre-school hopes this finds everyone reading safe and well. We would like to send an enormous thank you to the incredible families and staff that have supported us during this difficult time. What a whirlwind of a time it has been! When we returned for the spring term, never did we imagine what was in store for us. The arrival of Covid-19 has affected the lives of every single one of us to some degree. Early Years managers have been faced with some of the hardest and most important decisions of our careers.

Martlesham Pre-school has proudly remained open to a small number of key worker families during this time, while also continuing to offer support to children and their families who were unable to attend. We have done this though our online software. Each parent has a personal account so they can log in when they wish. They can receive up to date information via our news feed and personal messages to keep parents informed. Staff have been very creative, sharing ideas to keep little ones busy and learning, sharing stories for the children to enjoy, and short videos to help remain in contact with those at home.

We have had so many lovely photos sent in of the children enjoying these activities, and many, many conversations have been exchanged between staff and parents. Parents have also been able to contact us via a private messaging service should they need any further support or advice. We hope this has helped our families remain confident and informed. Seeing photos of those happy little faces has certainly kept us smiling, while we miss everyone terribly.

As we begin our phased return and wider opening, we have been safely welcoming back some of our oldest children in our pre-school room. As always at this time of year, we will be focusing on school readiness and continuing to build on our characteristics of effective learning, building confidence and resilience, supporting motivation and encouraging critical thinking so that in September these children have the building blocks needed to continue the next step of their learning adventure.

The setting has seen some recent changes inside. In addition to our pre-school room, we now also have a wonderful toddler room for younger children aged two-three years, ready to welcome back some of our younger children as well as new adventurers in September.

We have been busy on our Facebook page so please take a look and over the coming weeks. We will also be developing and updating our website. We are now taking enquiries and bookings for September 2020, so please feel free to contact us with any questions or for further information. We would love to hear from you!

Martlesham Pre-school is open in term time from 8am-4pm for children aged to two to five years. Various sessions are available, including those that are fully government funded. We can be found within the grounds of Gorseland School, Deben Avenue, Martlesham Heath IP5 3QR.

E: / T: 01473 625986

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