The Pavilion Management Committee has recently re-started activities to replace the play equipment in the play area, next to the pavilion. We are thrilled to have the services of two new enthusiastic volunteers to help us with this project – Andrea Wedgwood, our new project manager, and Andrew Gaskin. Together, we are currently pursuing three activity strands.

  1. The three of us had a site meeting with a local play equipment supplier in June and we have now received new proposals from them. If it’s possible to do so, we would like to update everything, but if not, we will aim for a staged approach, focusing on the highest priority first.
  2. Andrea has approached a number of grant suppliers. Right now, many of these are reserving funds to meet needs arising from COVID-19, but we are preparing as much as possible so we are ready when that side of things gets easier. The current situation will inevitably slow down progress, but in the meantime, Andrew has set up a JustGiving page (linked from the pavilion website – see below) and we are looking for any local children, parents, grandparents and other supporters who would be willing to help us with individual fundraising activities. Please get in touch with us at: PavilionPlayAreaGroup@grahamburgess973gmail-com.
  3. We would really like to hear what existing and potential users of this play area would like to see there. Children attending Gorseland School have been on an exploratory mission and will be sending us their ideas soon. We are looking forward to seeing them. We have also set up a survey for anyone to fill in to tell us what their children enjoy doing in play parks and what they would like to see in our new design. The survey link is prominently displayed on the Martlesham Pavilion website at:

Please do take a few minutes to share your views with us.

Prue Denton, Pavilion Committee Member/Trustee