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Last month I wrote about the great gift of hope and reminded you that there’s always hope in Jesus Christ.

The Bible tells us that hope goes hand-in-hand with faith and love. All three are important and today I want to briefly talk about faith. The Bible says that “faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see”.

In other words, our hope can lead us to faith. We hope for the vaccine to be rolled out swiftly and have faith that it will happen. We hope that life might become better and we know (through faith) that this will happen. This is not a simplistic or naïve process but rather the way we are made: hope leads to faith.

So often we think that faith begins with an intellectual understanding, a particular kind of response or some kind of new behaviour (like going to church). For most people, faith in Jesus starts with hope: the hope that the stories we’ve heard might be true; that the possibility of forgiveness is real; that we might have a new life, a new beginning, and that this might go on into eternity. Many people wish these things were true and that is hope.

If you have this hope, can I invite you to explore it? It might lead to faith. We’ll be running another Alpha course later this year which will help you on this journey. Of course, you can always join us as we meet online and in-person (when we can) too. We would love to see you.

Rev’d Dom Turner

Please note that during this lockdown period, or if we are subsequently in Tier 4 or higher, we will meet online and not in our buildings. If the situation improves, we hope that we might be able to review this and open our doors again. Please do check the website or Facebook page, or get in contact with Rev Dom or the office if you’re in any doubt or would like to find out more.

Sunday Worship Online: Every Sunday at 11am on YouTube – a live online service, including opportunities to chat and share prayer requests via the comments. To join the service, search for ‘Manningtree Benefice’ on www., check Facebook for the link, or use the QR code here. Join in live or watch any time afterward!

Worship on the Phone-line: Phone 01206 489686 to hear a weekly recorded service on (normal local charges apply).

Mid-week Morning Prayer: Join us on YouTube (see above) each weekday from Monday to Thursday at 8am for a short, live service of morning prayer (or catch up at any time).

Family Resources Online: We have a growing collection of videos on our YouTube channel aimed at children and families (or anyone young at heart!), and you are so welcome to watch and share them. Just use the links above to find the channel and watch any time.

Worship In-Person: If possible following release from lockdown and if in Tier 3 or lower, 9.30am on Sundays, alternating between Mistley and Bradfield churches. Please contact the church office if you’d like to know more.

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