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Love Ipswich is an organisation that aims to reach the needs of our town. Ipswich, Suffolk is a town which like many others in the country is experiencing high levels of poverty and a rise in youth crime. A recent report stated that 1 in 3 children are living in poverty in Ipswich. The aim of Love Ipswich is to reach the needs of the town practically and to make people feel valued and loved. This is actualised in a number of different ways; we run ‘Shine’ self-esteem courses to young girls of High School age in local Secondary schools, complete practical works in the community such as gardening and painting. One example of this was our recent project at “The Benjamin Foundation”- an organisation working with vulnerable young men and women, where we repainted the house and de-weeded the garden area. 

Our main project every year is our ‘Hamper Appeal’ – we create luxury hampers filled with a Christmas dinner for a family of four, coupled with a £10 supermarket voucher used to buy perishable items. We work with local charities, social services, local organisations and local schools to generate a list of referrals for the recipients of the hampers. We have run this project for the last five years and last year we were thrilled to make 260 hampers, each hamper is designed for a family of four- so over 1040 people impacted.

The hampers have made a monumental difference in the lives of the individuals and families which received them, one volunteer who personally delivered one of the hampers last year commented that:

We visited a family who have struggled with job loss and severe anxiety during the COVID pandemic. When we showed the Mum the hamper she burst into tears. She has been struggling so much with her mental health and financial situation that she said she was “almost going to pretend Christmas wasn’t happening this year” and so the hamper was “The best present they had ever received, it feels like it has been given by a friend”.

Every year we receive far more referrals than we can fund hampers. This year we are aiming to distribute over 300 hampers within Ipswich and Suffolk. To achieve this big ambition we are asking for your support, however big or small. We hope that you will consider supporting our Hamper Appeal in 2022.

We have workplace and school packs which help people to launch a collection in their workplace. We also have a fundraising quiz on the 18 November at 7pm- teams need to be booked. 

 If you have any questions or need any more information please do not hesitate to contact me at

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