Suffolk Entrepreneur Brings Mobility Aid To UK

The LifeGlider is the only upright mobility aid that will keep users from falling even if they lose their grip or balance. Via a series of clever design applications, the LifeGlider has meant many users around the world have gone from being wheelchair users to walking again- and it’s now available in the UK thanks to one Suffolk-based entrepreneur. 

After searching for a device which would help his beloved mum mobilise more, having suffered from Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, Ewan Phillips discovered the LifeGlider in the States and made it his mission to launch it in the UK and Europe. With Ewan’s mum suffering frequent bad falls, the LifeGlider was the perfect solution to allow her to mobilise without sitting in an uncomfortable wheelchair. Sadly, Ewan’s mum passed before she got to try out the LifeGlider but the product remains a huge part of her legacy.

  • Using a wheelchair, a walker or a walking stick means users have at least one hand on their device of choice. The LifeGlider means users are stood up and hands free
  • LifeGlider allows people to  dance, hug, cook, wash-up, play an instrument and reach for things safely while out shopping without any fear of causing injury
  • UK users of the LifeGlider include a number of people with PSP, Parkinson’s, MS, Strokes, Spinal Cord Injuries and has just started selling directly into the NHS both Hospitals and OTs and Physios working in the Community
  • We have fire spinning circus performers and models to name but a few! Along with a number of high profile users sharing their experiences very soon

A four-wheeled device, users perch their seat bone on the LifeGlider (like you would at a bus stop) with a secure waist fastening which allows users to walk freely with vital support. For all ages (including children), the LifeGlider is height adaptable and can be used up to 19.7 stone.

“I’m so proud to bring the LifeGlider to the UK and Europe. As soon as I came across this remarkable device I knew we had to make it happen across the pond and it’s proved to be truly life-changing for so many people. My aim is to see LifeGlider grow across the country and for more people to experience the true freedom it brings” said Ewan Phillips, Development Lead for UK and Europe for LifeGlider.

Ewan is a proud Suffolk dweller, raising his two boys with his wife in Ipswich. After graduating from the University of Suffolk with a degree in Business Studies and Food Marketing, Ewan has gone on to make pioneering changes in the Health and well-being space all while staying rooted to Ipswich and growing his Allergy and Ingredient Company “And it Has”. 

Ewan is available for interview and profiling, as well as LifeGlider demonstrations: 

About LifeGlider Mobility Aid:

Patented in 2012 by US founder Rob Karlovich, LifeGlider was born after Rob watched a documentary about vets coming back from the war in Afghanistan. Realising many of the vets were coming back with life-changing injuries, the adaptations just weren’t there for them and this affected Rob. As a result, Rob began creating a “fall-safe” upright mobility device. 

In January 2023, Ewan Phillips brought LifeGlider to the UK. LifeGliders are priced from £750 and can be bought through Clinical assessments and aftercare are also provided, with consultations before purchase and aftercare, all compiled by Ewan and his small dedicated team. 

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