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Happy New growing Year! Although we are now in winter I love going to the plot on a crisp day, if only to have a wander around to see the change in season and to harvest some leeks and parsnips, that is if the ground’s not too hard to pull them up! It does however also feel good that the main growing season is in sight. Planning ahead what, where and when to grow can give a much needed boost this time of year, whether it’s your usual favourite faithful crops or something new and adventurous to try. Maybe you already have a wish list of seeds to buy or swap? Digging out gardening books, listening to gardening podcasts or reading blogs can give New Year inspiration for this too!

If you are feeling energetic and in need of some outdoor activity, January is a great time to do some cleaning and maintenance. The growing environment within greenhouses, poly-tunnels and cold frames will be vastly improved by cleaning both inside and out, maximising valuable light. Pots and trays can be cleaned too, ready for use, as can tools, which may need sharpening.

If there are signs of growth on your rhubarb and you wish to force it, place a large upturned container that has holes in the base over the shoots to block out the light. This means you can enjoy a picking of early young stems at a time when there is less to harvest. Pull these when stems are about 30cm long.

Pea shoots are fun to grow, to add to winter salads or stir-fry’s, giving good nutritional value too.  Either buy a packet of seeds or use dried peas that are for eating (rehydrate these with water for 24 hours)  These can be grown on a windowsill, just use some compost in a shallow tray and sow a layer of peas, cover with a 1-2cm layer of compost, and water.  Cut the shoots when they are about 10-15cm tall.

We are looking forward to our AGM this month, it’s a good opportunity to share ideas, look ahead to the coming year and also to thank our volunteer committee for all they do to keep Kalga running. It’s also a great to meet up and get everyone together. 

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