Ipswich Communities Set To Celebrate the King’s Coronation

King's Coronation
King's Coronation events in Ipswich

Ipswich Borough Council is pleased to advise of twenty-two local events taking place in Ipswich as part of community celebrations for the King’s Coronation weekend (6th – 8th May).

Seven events are being held in the central Ipswich area, ten in the south of Ipswich and five in the north of Ipswich.

In North-West Ipswich:

  • Westbourne Road (IP3 5EG) will host a street party on 7 May
  • Lincoln Close (IP1 6PY) will host an afternoon tea party on 8 May
  • High View Road (IP1 5HW) will host a small street party for residents on 8 May

In North-East Ipswich:

  • Beverley Road (IP4 4BU) will host a street party for residents on 6 May
  • Rushmere Village Hall (IP4 3PD) will host a Church Prayer and Feast on 7 May

In Central Ipswich:

  • Coachman’s Court (IP4 1DX) will host a party in the communal area office on 6 May
  • Constable Road & Corder Road (IP4 2XB) will host a Big Lunch event for residents on 7 May
  • All Saint’s Church (IP1 2PQ) will host a community BBQ on 7 May
  • Clive Avenue (IP1 4LU) will host a street party on 7 May
  • Kingsfield Avenue (IP1 3TA) will host a street party and charity event on 7 May
  • Marlborough Bowling Club (IP4 5AZ) will host tea and cake for the local community on 7 May
  • Ashmere Grove (IP4 2RE) will host a street party for residents on 7 May

In South-East Ipswich:

  • A resident in Ascot Drive (IP3 9BX) will host a celebration from their front garden on 6 May
  • Landseer Road Methodist Church (IP3 9LX) will host indoor and outdoor activities on 7 May
  • Gainsborough Community Library (IP3 0RL) will host an outside event with party food, crafts and entertainment on 7 May
  • Heathlands Park Retirement Village (IP4 5SZ) will host a party for residents on 7 May
  • Margaret Catchpole Bowls Club (IP3 0PG) will host a community celebration on 7 May

And, in south-west Ipswich:

  • Stone Lodge Youth & Community Centre (IP2 0QY) will host two days of community celebration on 6 and 7 May
  • Bourne Park (IP2 9TA) will host food, drink and competitions on 7 May
  • Grantham Crescent (IP2 9PD) will host a street party for residents on 7 May
  • Monmouth Close (IP2 8RS) will host a street party on 7 May
  • St Peters Church (IP2 9TH) will host afternoon tea with games and activities on 8 May.
Find out more about King’s Coronation celebrations in Ipswich at: The King’s Coronation – Ipswich Entertains

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