Introducing Mansion House Media!

Mansion House Media is the new media management company that’s offering you and your company all the media assistance you could need. 

Although they’ve only just started as a new business, collectively, they already have over 25 years of experience in providing video production, app, and website design and development and also have you covered on all social media fronts with social media management and logo design for bespoke advertising campaigns.

That’s just the start, they’re looking to do so much more in the future. Their main focus is to get your business, no matter how big or small, noticed with a huge focus on making you a return on investment from the growing online market space.

Daren Stainton, the founder of Mansion House Media, has worked in magazine and newspapers groups in the Southwest for many years, managing the commercial teams and launching many guides, magazines, websites and mobile apps (all with a ridiculous accent, if you’d believe).

Daren explained: “I moved to Ipswich on a contract role for a publisher to train and commercialise their offering to their local clients and advertisers. Working Monday to Friday and traveling back to Bristol I was clocking up the miles on the M25, M4 with all the lovely traffic in between that always seemed never-ending. 

“After a while, I decided that I would set up my own consultancy here in Ipswich, i’m a tractor boy at heart, and partnered with the amazing team at Mansion House Publishing to help them with the digital transition of local community news and niche publications.”

Now launching Mansion House Media, Daren and his dream team are supporting local businesses with all the beautiful digital services that you could want and need. They also train companies how to do this themselves, so that your company can be more digitally independent, and support or take total management where needed.

Mansion House Media know all these changes can seem scary and new so they aim to help ease the process in a natural and helpful way. When they launch a product or service, they can use their Sister companies’ print, digital audience and social reach to also publicise its launch which is extremely unique and takes away any stress by having it all on your doorstep and ready to go. 

When Mansion House Media consults with their clients, they always take time to understand the challenges each business has. Every business, no matter what sector, is individual and so they provide unique and amazing solutions that really work no matter what your circumstances. 

Daren says: “We love it when we get it right, not to brag but we often do but we’re always developing and learning so that you can get the best service we offer. We also love to challenge our clients to be different and diversify the way they communicate by embracing the digital consumption of buyers today.

“We have seen a bigger need for our customers to communicate how they are progressing during this scary time so we have been extremely busy in supporting them and getting them back up and running in some cases. There’s also been a huge surge in people setting up new businesses as well and we are helping many in the East Anglia region with launching their new businesses and finding their company’s identity.” 

People are trying to support local businesses and buying more locally for many reasons, especially during this lockdown. With the way the world is at the minute, it’s forced us to change the way we communicate and stay in touch with loved ones, which has made many more people digital savvy. Mansion House Media sees this as a positive for their business plan of supporting local businesses and organizations.

They’re also setting up online training seminars, which will be free for local business, to help people understand what is available and to keep them up to date with what Mansion House thinks you should be doing in these continually evolving times without breaking the bank. 

Mansion House Media is also based in offices and studios in Ipswich which they share with their sister company Mansion House Publishing, who publish community magazines such as In Touch, Spotlight, Last Orders, Grape Vine and Vanilla magazine.

When asked how the new business was coming along, Daren said: “In the last few years I have really enjoyed working with business owners, taking them out of their normal business environment and taking the time to fully understand their business challenges. 

“I have found that when you take time with these owners they do open up and normally have some answers themselves to these issues but need me to facilitate and add my ideas to it. Sometimes it feels like I’m a Personal Trainer, setting exercises. Best practice ideas, goals and checking in to measure progress.”

To take your business into the modern digital world, be sure to get in touch with Daren and his team to make a difference with your business. 

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