If you’ve been out for your daily exercise recently near Ipswich town centre, some of you may have noticed a new business slowly coming to life on St Margaret’s Green. With it’s freshly painted Suffolk Pink brickwork and an eye-catchingly unique logo in gold & pink hues, Good Inside really is one to watch out for.

The concept in a nutshell is ‘real food’. Think low carb, high protein, unprocessed, freshly prepared on site & delicious, using the best ingredients that are available. 

“Where possible, all our produce is sourced and produced within a 30-mile radius from Ipswich. Our beef, chicken, pork and lamb, for example, all come from farms in the Stowmarket area and are free range, grass fed, responsibly farmed and produced.”

Tom and Beck Ison, founders of Redeye Records, have been working on this project for nearly 2 years and finally the moment has arrived. Good Inside was originally set to open in November last year, however due to Covid-19 & lockdown restrictions, it meant the café’s plans were put on hold. However, Tom & Beck, along with friend and chef, Ben Taylor, haven’t let this stop them.

“We’re pleased to announce that we will be opening for a take-out service from Friday 15th – we’re calling this, ‘Good to You’.

“We have been planning our menu for some time and have now tweaked it to make it ‘takeaway friendly’ and Covid-19 safe. The dishes will be fully prepared but will require some finishing at home such as dressing a salad, reheating a Beef Bourguignon in the microwave, or just replating a Smoked Mackerel Pâté onto your favourite china! We’ll even include cooking and preparation instructions with your food.”

The food will be available to order with a contactless payment option on the fully automated website, www.goodinsidecafe.co.uk from Tuesday-Saturday between 10am-3pm. Here you’ll find the full list of all their delicious dishes, including main meals such as Aubergine Parmigiana and Provençale Style Fish Stew, to sides of Turnip & Butternut Gratin or Tomato & Feta Salad with Tarragon and Spiced Seeds… our tastebuds are truly tantalised!

Follow Good Inside to keep up to date with their real food revolution, on Instagram & Facebook: @goodinsidecafe.