6th Edition of East Anglia Aikido Seminar

On Saturday, 14 October, Inori Dojo had the great pleasure of hosting another outstanding Aikido seminar with Peter Brown Shihan, 7th Dan Aikido Aikikai. Peter Brown Shihan began Aikido in 1966 at the age of nine, and studied the Art of Aikido for more than fifty-seven years.

This time around, sensei’s main focus was on body movement and the creation of specific body shapes. We’ve learnt variations of the Aikido techniques by using the power generated from the hips, applying different angles and speed given by the correct footwork, good posture, central line, and absorbing partner’s energy.  

Both morning and afternoon we’ve spent on empty hand defence as well as bokken (wooden sword) and jo (staff) practice as most of Aikido techniques are rooted in the Japanese samurai weapons work. In this way we could study the relationship between body and sword/staff, gradually increasing moves complexity and speed. Once again this event was well attended and we would like to thank everyone that came along, Inori’s existing members, as well as aikidoists from Leicester, Derby, Cambridge, St Neots, Needham Market, and Barking. A very special thank you goes to everyone that helped out to make it such a successful day.

Last but not least this was the perfect occasion to use once more our full matting area (42 judo mats) funded by Suffolk Community Foundation through Suffolk Sports Fund, project that came to an end this November. If you wish to try Aikido, our regular classes run at Woolpit Village Hall on Monday and Thursday nights, 7-9pm. Our instructors are Coach Level 1 and 2 qualified, DBS checked, First Aid qualified and fully vaccinated against COVID-19.