Introduction to Safe Falling 

Who doesn’t know the classic nursery rhyme “Ring Around The Rosie, We all Fall Down”?

Question is: how do we fall though and not to get hurt?

On two consecutive Thursdays, 2 and 9 of February, Inori Aikido Dojo had the great pleasure to deliver an Introduction to Safe Falling training. These interactive two hour classes have been designed to raise awareness of falling and to practise how to fall to prevent injury. We have organised Safe Falling for 55+ in the past, but on this occasion our participants were 23 enthusiastic Air Cadets from 863 (Thurston) Squadron ATC. Following all-body warm up which included gentle stretches and cardio exercises, we learnt how to primarily protect the head and spine from injury, how to prevent or reduce significant injury such as broken hips, pelvis, arms and shoulders, as well as how to avoid less serious injuries as bruising, sprains or strains. 

We gradually moved from rolls, performed on our matted floor, to what in Aikido we call ukemi. These are mainly forward, backward and side breakfalls from standing position. The Air Cadets were brilliant at everything they did, we included games, but the best fun was when they could practice high breakfalls on the crash mat. At the end of these sessions we cooled down by learning how to escape from a wrist grab and did some breathing exercises to help with anxiety and stress.

If you have never tried Aikido, this is a dynamic and nonviolent Japanese martial art suitable for children, men and women of any age, size and build. The art focuses on using the attackers’ movement against them and include a combination of empty-handed techniques, along with weapons such as wooden sword, staff and knife, all practiced in a safe and friendly environment. Our activities are supported by Suffolk Community Foundation through the Suffolk Sports Fund.

Regular classes run at Woolpit Village Hall on Monday and Thursday nights, 7-9pm. Inori Aikido Dojo’s instructors are Coach Level 1 and 2 qualified, DBS checked, First Aid qualified and fully vaccinated against COVID-19. 

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