Hang On To Hope!

What an almighty mess our world is in! Humanity taxed to the limit. Systems at breaking point. People still repairing their lives and homes from one disaster after another. And now the ‘plague’ – COVID-19. It is all of Biblical proportions. Men and women of the NHS, carers, pharmacists, scientists, the military, the police, and countless others have become the boats of Dunkirk in their selfless devotion, courage and determination to win the victory. Others try to support and encourage in a variety of ways. Famous artist David Hockney posts online his wonderful pictures of trees and daffodils in vibrant colours to lift our spirits. So many people are ‘doing their bit’ at this time of global emergency.

So, where do we go from here? For we will recover. It is essential, though, to maintain faith and hope. It is hope that fuels the future. Hope must be kept alive. Hope in a life worth living and worth preserving. Whatever your faith or persuasion; whether you believe or don’t believe in a deity, we must look beyond the present gloom and doom. Bolstered by faith and the certain hope that from behind black clouds the sun will appear and will shine again. Sad faces of today will gradually be replaced by smiles of tomorrow, and hope rewarded the world over.

We all have our own aids to lean on during these anxious times of self-isolation and restricted mobility. Music, art, cookery – to name but three! Daffodils are one of mine, and words. Psalm121, for example, is a psalm of eternal hope and optimism: ‘I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.’ A most positive declamation of hope and faith.

Spring heralds optimism. At its heart is Resurrection in all its forms. It is regeneration, rebirth, renewal and new beginnings. Spring heralds hope, promise and positivity, the latter employed by so many at this very hour. Spring suggests, too, that there is an unseen force and energy behind these miracles of life and nature. For many, Easter strengthens their hope and faith. The events of Easter clarify what can, for some, be an ongoing enigma or of no significance. Renewal, regeneration and rebirth – these three Rs encourage us to look forward to brighter days ahead. They will come. Stay safe!

Michael Booth
Retired Reader, St Mary’s Parish Church, Woodbridge

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