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Hands on Heritage
Hands on Heritage

Where we are and what we do:

On Forestry England land near Snape, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, our Iron Age/Roman settlement of reconstructed buildings is an educational centre for young people to learn about their heritage in a completely ‘hands on’ way. Young people from seven years upwards, from Suffolk schools and youth organisations explore the life of a young person from the past through workshops and building projects. So, in a day visit an eight year old might find themselves learning how to use a knife to carve wood, how to light a fire, weave cloth or excavate in our reconstructed roman dig. After a lunch they might then go off to help repair our prehistoric roundhouse.

All of the challenges we offer are designed for young people to learn and take responsibility for their actions. A child knows that fire burns or knives are sharp but managing these situations requires control and decision making: Our aim is to give young people opportunities to manage risks and experience success with sensitive guidance from our staff. This is Hands on Heritage from the eyes of two young visitors: ‘It’s very hands on. You do it all yourself and you learn that way.’ ‘Thank you for our outstanding visit to your amazing forest. I think it’s the best school trip ever. It was as cool as going to Florida!’

Our work relies on our volunteers who come from a very diverse range of backgrounds and ages. Some bring specific skills such as textile weaving, blacksmithing and construction skills whilst others profess to know nothing of any use but are keen to learn. During the autumn and winter volunteers meet weekly to maintain and develop the site through building projects and workshop development giving all a chance to learn new skills and of course socialise and make new friends.

What we ask for is commitment to our site and our work in giving unique opportunities to young people. In return volunteers are rewarded with:

– Offering young people unique experiences in heritage education.

  • The support and friendship of a diverse group of volunteers.
  • Opportunities to develop skills you never knew you had.
  • A place to retreat from the noise and bustle of modern life.

If you are interested in finding out more then please visit our website: www.handsonheritage.co.uk

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