Hadleigh & District Garden Club Update

Sometimes in the winter months, we seem to have hardly any daylight hours at all and on grey cloudy days, it can feel even worse. We had several days just before Christmas when the frost and fog stayed with us all day. One morning everything in the garden looked as if it had been sprayed with icing sugar. Apparently, the word for this phenomenon is ‘rime’ and it happens more often when water freezes rapidly in cloud or fog.

A member of the Hadleigh & District Garden Club said: “I went out for a closer look and found a series of cobwebs all along the front fence, each one with a perfect circle in the centre. I don’t know if they were all made by one spider or maybe a group working together, a bit like synchronised swimming! Finally, on the back of the garden shed, I came upon the little beauty pictured here, the frozen water droplets looking like something from a chandelier, so maybe grey days have their moments too.”

When we are lucky enough to have bright dry days, winter is the time to prune roses, grapevines and deciduous shrubs as well as autumn fruiting raspberries. This early in the year tips of bulbs begin to show and hellebores are one of the first flowers to appear in the garden in the winter. Be sure to cut back any of last year’s leaves as new buds appear so that emerging flowers can be seen and to reduce the risk of disease.

Although we can’t get out to work in the garden as often this early in the year, there is still plenty that we can be getting on with in preparation for the new season. Pots need to be scrubbed clean to prevent the spread of pests and diseases and plastic labels can be used again if they are cleaned with an abrasive cleaner and a scourer. To help reduce the use of plastic, old margarine tubs can be cleaned up and cut into strips. Best of all, it’s the time to sit down with a cuppa and a piece of cake to make plans for buying seeds and plants ready for the coming year.


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