Hadleigh Crime Review 22/3/24 – 24/2/24

The fair weather inevitably (and unfortunately) brings with it a change in crime trends. Within this period there have been a variety of crimes, these have included the following (in no particular order) :-

Arsons and damage to public bins, newly planted trees pulled from the ground and broken in a public park, low-level public order offences, damage to both business premises and private vehicles, assaults, a drink spiking in a pub, witness intimidation, threat to life, theft of a number plate, some sexual offences, harassment, a threat with a knife in a private place, theft from a shop and a breach of a restraining order.

Along with dealing with those investigations, police have attended some road traffic matters with a driver reported to court for a variety of traffic offences after police were called due to concerns over the way their car was being driven. Police have also attended various domestic noncrime incidents and incidents leading to either child or adult referrals to partner agencies.

I have personally taken on the investigation into the uprooting and damaging of trees in a local park and will be working on that over the forthcoming weeks, this is due to it being linked to youth anti-social behaviour issues.

I continue to work with colleagues and partner agencies to tackle anti-social behaviour in the Hadleigh area, both by people on foot and in cars. A big part of my role is to recognise issues as they develop and bring in police resources and other agencies’ help where needed.

This has led to an increase in police patrols in the area which has been recognised and commented on by many within the community. Specialist teams along with the response investigation teams are patrolling Hadleigh in areas I have directed them towards which have led to some positive results. This is an ongoing matter and I monitor what is happening and where the issues are.

My next pre-arranged public engagement will be based at Capel St Mary Library, I will be there on 15 May between 9:30am-12midday. I will be there to provide police-related advice and take reports of any ongoing issues. I will be returning to the Hadleigh area at St Mary’s Church on the morning of 5 July.

Kind regards,

PC 1293 Niall Johnson – Hadleigh Community Police Officer.

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