Ipswich High School’s Prep Young Musician of the Year Competition and Prep Vocal Championships Welcome Guest Judge from the USA.

Nashville-born singer and song writer, Jenn Grinels, will judge the renowned Suffolk-based school’s annual Prep Young Musician of the Year Competition and Prep Vocal Championships.

Ipswich High School is delighted to announce that this year they are again holding their Prep Young Musician of the Year Competition, alongside their Prep Vocal Championships, on Thursday 19th November. It is a wonderful initiative which invites each of the pupils in their Prep School who have vocal or instrumental lessons to perform as part of the competition and showcase their remarkable talents.

Given the unusual circumstances this year brings, the competitions will be run in a different format with each student recording their performance and submitting their video entries to be judged, instead of performing live to an audience.

Having the event run in this manner has allowed for Jenn Grinels to step in to judge the competitions, all the way from the USA. Jenn will review each recording from her home in Portland before providing individual feedback and announcing the winners.

In reference to her involvement in the competition, Jenn said “I’m so excited to watch these young artists and offer encouragement. I probably wouldn’t have made a career in the arts were it not for the immense support and guidance I received when I was younger.”

Margaret Jennings, Head of Prep School Music at Ipswich High School, said “I am delighted that we are able to continue with our Prep Young Musician and Vocal Championships this year, albeit in a slightly different guise – going virtual! One amazing benefit of holding the competition online is that that our school community is able to welcome Jenn to adjudicate our competitions. This is a wonderful opportunity for our children to perform for a wider audience, regardless of their age or experience. Some children will have only had a few lessons on their instrument, whereas others are approaching senior grades. I cannot wait to hear Jenn’s feedback.”